Dampness or condensation?

We residential Chartered Surveyors see fewer cases of rising dampness than was the case 20 years ago, whether a testimony to the success of the timber and damp industry in tackling the issue, or the introduction of modern materials which prevent its transmission to the internal surfaces of the building. However alongside this has come the exponential growth in condensation issues affecting buildings, and which is most prevalent in the winter months. (more…)

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Our Services

Building Surveys

An in depth report, typically of older or substantially extended properties. It includes wide use of photographs and typically produces a report which may run for 30 or 40 pages.

To aid digestion my own format breaks down the report using a series of interim summaries and provides conclusions in respect of structural condition, general condition, includes a schedule of repairs and a list of future maintenance considerations.

This service is broadly equivalent to RICS Level 3 which is described on RICS website www.rics.org/condition surveys.

Property Valuations

As a Registered Valuer I am bound by the regulations and professional standards of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.

I carry out valuations for matrimonial purposes and taxation under the RICS Valuation - Professional Standards 2014 " The Red Book", as well as valuations for a variety of other purposes, including legal proceedings.

Valuations for loan security are undertaken on behalf of a number of corporate and institutional clients.

RICS Homebuyer Report

This is an intermediate level report generally suitable for Victorian and later properties. It involves an inspection typically lasting 2 hours and provides a report covering all elements of the building.

It is our most popular report, typically used both by cash purchasers and those who require a proper survey alongside a mortgage valuation report prepared by a lender. Crucially it relates condition to value.

This service is broadly equivalent to RICS Level 2 which is described on RICS website www.rics.org/condition surveys.